Very Berry Good

Seasonal berries make a deliciously sweet treat for any summer table. Keep it simple and let the taste of the berries come through, or just through all that out the door and pile on the whipped cream or ice cream.

Double-Chocolate Fudge Cake

Donna Neff of Denison is retired after thirty-nine years as a hairdresser. She loves to cook, sew and tend her garden. She cooks regularly for the First Baptist Church in Denison. She said her signature chocolate cake is based on a family recipe that she modified over the years until it was what she wanted.

Italian Creme Cake

Betty Cabaniss is an Oklahoma native who has been on the Texas side of the river, in Denison, for twenty-nine years. She is active in the Parkside Baptist Church and the Denison Service League. Don’t know if she has been to Italy, but she’s got their cake down pat.

Hummingbird Cake

C.J. Durbin-Higgins grew up with good cooks. Early on, her grandmother would let her climb up on a stool and help cook bacon and eggs for breakfast. Her mother continued her Texas culinary education. Durbin-Higgins lives in Tom Bean, works for TCOG, makes a killer pie crust and said, “I enjoy cooking and feel fortunate that I had special people in my life that took the time to share their knowledge.”