Ashburn’s Ice Cream

From Ashburn’s Ice Cream’s beginnings in 1907 until well after World War II, almost all ice cream was local and made in small batches to satisfy one day’s worth of customers. Its local flavor meant that local tastes became accustomed to unique offerings, not the uniformed sameness of mass-produced ice cream.

Art Talk by Shelley Tate Garner

The Denison Performing Arts organization hosted Young at Heart, its annual youth art show for Denison area students at Chase Bank. The show featured more than one thousand pieces of art by children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. When asked about the DPA’s committment to their annual programming, “Kids are better human beings for having […]

Nervous About Public Speaking? Join the Club.

“Before, I never could remember the end of a joke,” said Mary Smith. “But now I can tell a joke and remember the whole thing.” Because Smith occasionally presents programs to large groups as part of her job with the Texoma Council of Governments, her supervisor urged her to join the Toastmasters to improve her public speaking skills.

The Idle Time fun boat on Lake Texoma

Burns Run

When the engineers closed the flood gates on Denison Dam in February 1944 and the waters of Lake Texoma began to spread out behind what was then the world’s largest rolled earth-filled dam. Soon, people were drawn to the lake for recreation as family attractions popped up around along the shores.