Sarah Birdsong

Youth and stature are not deterrents to the high regard that fellow artists and older students show to Birdsong. Cassandra Harris, artist and fellow student said, “Sarah has actually taught me how to paint. In her portraits, she creates such depth. She did a drawing of me. I had never thought of myself that way. It was so beautiful I almost cried. Sarah paints the emotion of the personality.”

Today’s Fine Art

The meaning of fine art is blurred by the use of novel and stylistically unconventional mediums, as well as modern technologies and techniques. Changing views in society, culture, taste and education also skew the traditional meaning. I have a hard time with the term fine art in modern context. Art today goes far beyond idealized classical beauty, pure technique-driven works, and because of that, the meaning of fine art has been blurred.

Theatricks:The Play’s the Thing

Twenty-five years ago, Sherman Community Players (SCP) launched Theatricks to introduce children to live theater. Over the years, Director Webster Crocker, the Theatricks Board, and Advisory Board have turned the children’s arm of SCP into an educational and entertainment program of considerable note. Today, Theatricks offers a wide scope of opportunities for children to explore all aspects of theater, from acting to set design, lighting, costuming, stage management and directing.