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The most useless statistic in the sports world is the halftime score. Nothing has been decided. There is no winner and no trophy; nothing is final. The second half may be a reversal of the first half. It is the second half that will reveal stamina,... Read More

The Journey

When I began my college education in the mid 1960s, I didn’t realize that I was leaving home. My home was close enough to my university that I commuted for a semester before moving to the city where it was located. I suppose that I had a certain... Read More

The Real Thing

by Dr. Mike Lawson First Baptist Church of Sherman, Texas Many years ago, while making my way back to North Texas after spending the Thanksgiving holidays with my family, I decided to stop at a mall in Tyler to buy some Christmas gifts. Entering... Read More

Sunday School

by Pastor Jim Pledger First United Methodist Church Sherman Several years ago I chaired a task force for the North Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church to revitalize Sunday School, called “Sunday School Makes a Difference.” The... Read More