Jonathan Dryden

Jonathan Dryden

Jonathan Dryden’s hands create beautiful pieces of art from wood, but a childhood accident almost took away that gift. At thirteen-months old, he burned his hands so severely that he was not expected to have full use of them again. To everyone’s surprise, after three weeks in bandages, his hands slowly came back to life.

Jodi L. Castelli

Even as a child,” said Jodi Castelli, “I saw the potential of discarded goods. I often rescued empty cereal boxes and other items doomed to the trashcan.” Today, the artist has graduated from the trashcan and instead combs antique shops to find vintage postcards, advertising, photographs, buttons, even game pieces, to serve as focal points in the visual stories she creates.

Phillip Blander

Give Philip Blander a black pencil, a white pencil, a sheet of gray paper, and he will take your breath away. The 59-year-old artist has done photorealistic portraits so lifelike he has people insisting that his work was not drawn. “One woman looked at a portrait I did and argued with me, telling me that it was a photograph! I love when that happens,” he said.

Jerry Peddicord

Some people change the world daily but mostly go unnoticed. They work tirelessly and silently – one person, one community at a time. Meet Pottsboro’s Capt. Gerald E. “Jerry” Peddicord, U.S. Navy (Ret.). For the past 30 years he has been a volunteer, a joiner, a motivator, a Good Citizen, in all regards.

Anna McKinney

“The day of the Christmas parade in 1995, I had gone to a doctor for a second opinion. I came right up here, straight from the doctor’s office. I had a parade to do. I did the parade and then met my husband at a Christmas party. I sat there beside him and told him I had to go to the hospital in two days.”

L A Hudson

L A (that’s all, just L and A, the letters don’t stand for anything else) Hudson’s father was a successful merchant in Colgate, Oklahoma, who longed to be a show business impresario. “He was a public speaker, and he promoted entertainment to advertise the store,” said Hudson.