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Life at the Top

How many technicians does it take to change the light bulb at the top of a three-hundred foot tower? Probably just one if it’s Jon Johnson. He climbs towers—radio, TV, communication— for Shipman Communications of Denison, the company that keeps... Read More

My Best Christmas

By Kay Skelton There was the Christmas of the life-size baby doll with full layette, which matched that of my baby sister, and the Christmas of the little red wheelbarrow that I had earnestly requested. A wheelbarrow? That one completely baffled my... Read More

Odds Are

The auto business is in bad shape, but we really don’t think this promotion is going to help. At least not if you read the fine print of this actual “contest” mailer received earlier this year from a Texoma area dealer. To be honest, FOB spotted... Read More

Boy Scouts March

January 16-25, 2009 Washington, DC The Perrin Field Honor Guard Corp is a Boy Scout group that was established in 2006 by Shannon Thomas. The unit provides patriotic and ceremonial services, to communities and Service Veterans of the United... Read More