Thoroughbreds of the Sky

The word “thoroughbred” conjures up images of beautiful, sleek horses sprinting around a track before a crowd of thousands in the Kentucky Derby or the preakness. But there is another kind of thoroughbred, racing pigeons, who speed through the sky in famous international races such as the Mallee Classic and the South African Sun City Million Dollar Race, the premier race for the thoroughbreds of the sky.

Valiant Yachts

Susan and Marvin Watley were in the southern latitudes on a round-the-world cruise when the barometer started falling and the seas began to rise. Marvin was down, injured from a fall a few days before, and that left Susan to manage the ocean-sailing yacht alone.

Certified Smart

In the anteroom of the People’s Congress in Beijing, U.S. Ambassador to China Charles Whitfield nervously paces back and forth. In his early fifties, Whitfield has spent the better part of his adult years as ambassador to China. However, this is the defining moment, the culmination of his career.

Little Houses

Grant Martin didn’t come west from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1994 in a covered wagon as his Mennonite ancestors might have done, but he did bring Pennsylvania Dutch carpentry designs when he came to Grayson County. Martin and three of his sons opened Martin’s Woodcrafts, in Whitewright, Texas.

Jerry Peddicord

Some people change the world daily but mostly go unnoticed. They work tirelessly and silently – one person, one community at a time. Meet Pottsboro’s Capt. Gerald E. “Jerry” Peddicord, U.S. Navy (Ret.). For the past 30 years he has been a volunteer, a joiner, a motivator, a Good Citizen, in all regards.