Man Behind the Mask

The charcoal and silver reptilian patterned face mask—the Black Mamba—hides Jerry Wright’s salt and pepper goatee and ready grin. In gray sweats, sunglasses, and a black company ball cap turned backwards, the man behind the mask is the Black Mamba’s creator and CEO of Save Phace Inc, a company which produces protective face masks for all manner of sports and athletic endeavors.

Five Days of Glory

How would you like for the success or failure of one year’s worth of work to hinge on one week? That’s practically the job description for 63-year-old Jerry Duvall, CEO of CIS Conferences Inc. “My friends harass me about working one week a year, and that’s basically true, but it’s a very hard and intense week,” Duvall said.

Fishing Lake Texoma

Fishing on Lake Texoma took on a new twist when the lake got its first stock of Striped Bass. A species known for its voracious appetite and extreme power, stripers, or rockfish or linesiders or rollers or squidhounds or greenheads or, if you are of an ichthyologic bent, Morone sasatilis, are saltwater fish that spawn in fresh water.