Get on the Bus

You know a thing or two about road trips when you’ve been planning them for thirty years. On Vickie White’s first charted motor coach excursion nearly that long ago she took a group of seniors, not the ones in high school, to St. Augustine Texas. The bus made an unusual three stops for ice of all things.

Keeping Faith in Its Place

“Would you like a cup of tea, pastor?” The very question made me a little uncomfortable. I drink hot tea occasionally, but not usually with a group of finely dressed women, softly clacking their china cups and saucers together, smearing a slightly different lipstick color on each rim, hair perfectly coiffured, fragrances wafting through the air, a tin of cookies on the table.

Justice Is Served in Fannin

As heavy rains from Hurricane Ike made their way through Fannin County in September, around two hundred people braved the weather to attend the fourth annual “Justice Is Served” at the Multi-Purpose Complex just west of Bonham. The event featured about twenty different judges, lawmakers, prosecutors, police chiefs and other officials in the justice system serving up barbeque and cold drinks.

Moving Meals on Wheels

It’s hard that one hot meal could be a lifeline. For many Texoma senior adults, however, it is. “One in nine seniors is at risk of going hungry,” said Kathey Scott, executive director of the Tri-County Senior Nutrition Project. “Our mission is to keep that from happening.”

In Citizen’s Garb

The number of exhibits that have been brought to the Red River Historical Museum in Sherman is impressive, and so is their quality. The museum’s success rises from a long process of development by the volunteer citizen board of directors, under the leadership of museum director, Marcia Rolbiecki.

Denison Educational Legacy

From frontier times to last fall’s rollback election, Denison citizens have made education a top priority. Local leaders always have seen a top-notch educational system as a key to economic development while teachers have done their best to foster students’ growth, and students have focused on having fun, figuring out their futures, and finding mates. Tying all these threads together is an interesting new book, Two Schools on Main Street: The Pride of Denison, Texas, 1873–2007.


It is in a modest white house just off Texoma Parkway with a big wooden sign in the front; it reads PSYCHIC in bold red letters. Georgia wanted to go there one day, so I took her. Curious, I followed Georgia into the house. There were no voodoo dolls or neon lights, no crystal balls, no eerie music or half-burnt candles, just an unassuming waiting room with a big screen TV and a leather couch. The only hints of being in the residence of a medium were the pictures of tarot cards lined up on one of the plywood walls.

The Bible’s Message?

I am continually amazed at how distorted and misunderstood the gospel of Jesus Christ has become in our community. Professing Christians and non-Christians alike can give you bits of information about Christ’s life. They can tell about the God of the Bible, but they do not know the God of the Bible. They can tell you about Christ, but they do not really know Christ.