Elaine Pendergrass

My Best Christmas

Looking back at all of my Christmases I see a theme, loving and sharing. That’s the gift mom gave to me. There’s always someone who needs something that you can give. Even if you have no money, you can share what you do have. It’s the love you give away that matters most.

Cowboy Church

Cowboy Churches usually don’t have gymnasiums or ceramics classes. Rather than basketball or skate night cowboy churches host team roping, bull riding, barrel racing and other rodeo sports. The youngsters enjoy “mutton bustin” (sheep riding) until they are big enough to sit a saddle on their own. According to those who attend, Cowboy Church most often appeals because dress codes don’t exist, and the music is worshipful but it is country. With common decency applied, you really can “come as you are.”

Spiritual, but Not Religious?

We all know people who say: “I’m spiritual, but I do not believe in organized religion.” Most of them are women. This usually means they read a little Buddhism, delve into some of the latest books about spirituality, and might even do yoga. They are determined to pilot their own boats over the spiritual waters.

Randy Sedlacek: Man of Steel

Steel holds the world together, and around the world, steel detailers—the designers who develop the drawings for most things constructed of steel—are held together by a website created, developed, and maintained in a suburban neighborhood in Denison. Randy Sedlacek began the precursor of Steel-Link.com in 1995.


“Excitement and ignorance” can get you halfway through any project. Most projects, events, or relationships begin with great enthusiasm and anticipation, but about halfway through, the excitement has to turn into determination and commitment, and ignorance has to turn to strategy, planning, and knowledge if the thing is to succeed.

The Tooth Fairy’s Helper

It’s obvious that his office was designed to create ease and efficiency, from friendly staff to child-sized furnishings. There’s a flat screen television, X-Box, and a bubble wall as mesmerizing as any aquarium. In the large exam room used for simple treatments, walls showcase brightly painted murals with colors so vivid, it’s like turning the pages of a picture book. “We provide an open bay with multiple chairs for teeth cleaning and exams because children like being with other children.

Touring Texas Gardens

Texoma Living! Magzine senior editor, Master Gardener, author and newspaper columnist Jessie Gunn Stephens has organized a new guidebook to the gardens in Texas into her new book Touring Texas Gardens. At 270 pages, it is a handy reference book showing the reader how to discover the “best kept secret in Texas.” Texas has lots to offer, whether it is the elaborate Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth or San Antonio, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, or the cacti gardens in Alamo or Hale Center.

The Journey

Problems arise in the life of faith when we begin to regard the salvation experience as our destination. When this happens our personal experience with the Holy One can easily become the standard that we lay upon other persons. Unknowingly, the salvation moment evolves into a goal to be achieved. This is an enormous error of faith, because salvation is something God offers to all persons; it is not a personal achievement. As a gift of the Divine, our lives after the salvation experience should reflect our efforts to live faithfully to the way of love and peace that God intends for all people.