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Margie Morris is a frequent contributor to Texoma Living!. She is president of Morris Ink, a well-known local public relations and advertising firm. She has been active in Texoma community projects for many years and is a volunteer to a number of organizations.

Joan Douglass

This Texoma Profile appeared in the Winter 2007 issue of Texoma Living!. “There are just no perfect deaths.” Joan Douglass once believed that wall-to-wall carpeting and a white telephone were evidence of a successful life. That was when she... Read More

Garrett Patton: Cut & Run

Garrett Patton will tell you that he’s no better at styling hair than anyone else. He may not think he is but his clients do. Despite the disclaimer, he’s booked solid and often can’t even get away to grab lunch. The 33-year-old projects an air... Read More