Bluesman Kirby Kelley

Blues guitarist Kirby Kelley was down to his last guitar, a custom-made Paul Reed Smith. “Think about it,” said Kelly’s friend at the North Dallas Guitar Center when the musician laid the instrument, which was worth enough to help his family out of a deep financial hole, on the counter and said he wanted to sell it. “Think it over.”

Pond Boss

Bob Lusk of Gordonville wears two hats. One hat transforms him into the publisher/editor of a successful little magazine called Pond Boss. When he puts on the other hat he really is a pond boss, traveling the country designing and overseeing the construction, stocking and management of private lakes and recreational ponds. No matter which hat is on his head, Lusk’s passion for fish has brought him national recognition.

Texas Red Dirt Music

Texoma is deep in the heart of the Red Dirt music scene. Taking their names from the iron- oxide-rich soil that colors the Red River, Red Dirt trailblazers such as Cross Canadian Ragweed and Stoney LaRue blurred the line between country and rock in Oklahoma and let the winds carry the grit south to Texas, where artists such as Texoma’s Spur 503 have put their own spin on the dirt.

Michael Winegarden

For someone who failed fourth grade art because he flunked a sewing project, Michael Winegarden has come a long way. Honors for his accomplishments in art today are numerous. His fourth-grade art teacher might not believe it, but Winegarden now teaches drawing and art appreciation at Grayson County College.

Janet Karam

The creativity in Janet Karam’s paintings is undeniable. Her contemporary, colorful takes on saxophones, jazz musicians, buildings, blues singers and ballerinas vibrate with life. “I think I had a spark from a young age,” Karam said about her creative streak. “It was lying dormant, but my mother helped light it, and now in my older years she nurtures it.”

Jonathan Dryden

Jonathan Dryden

Jonathan Dryden’s hands create beautiful pieces of art from wood, but a childhood accident almost took away that gift. At thirteen-months old, he burned his hands so severely that he was not expected to have full use of them again. To everyone’s surprise, after three weeks in bandages, his hands slowly came back to life.