Urban Sherman Alive and Well

But the Hot Summer Nights events, like others in Texoma, remind us that we are part of a society. I for one am proud to be part of a community that celebrates itself with awesome programs like this. If you haven’t been, come down and take a look, grab a hot dog, and join in the fun. Its bound to be better than Thursday night TV. But even if its not, just TiVo it!

Architecture Tour

This spring will offer a rare opportunity to tour homes and commercial buildings with some of the richest architectural history in Texoma. Sponsored by the Sherman Preservation League and the Denison Service League, the tours will connect with the past and show how the past is moving into the present.

Ergonomic Education

From the approaching drive off Gallagher Drive in Sherman, the complex looks like a series of pavilions linked one after another, each standing proud. Its elaborate composition may not be instantly meaningful to the passer-by, but upon touring the building one gains an understanding that this school, unlike many of its predecessors, has lofty intentions.

Designed for Healing

In the time before the freeways, automobile travelers entered Sherman and Denison on city streets lined with tall trees and stately houses. Our city centers were marked by civic buildings, town squares, and church spires rising up out of park-like groves. This rich architectural heritage, coupled with our location among the rolling hills of the Cross Timbers, created a unique identity for the two towns.