Where There’s Smoke….

The rattle of the alarm echoed across the area, signaling a chlorine leak from a storage tank at the large industrial plant in Grayson County. As the men encased in the special gear that gives them the look of moon-walking astronauts went about the very serious job of dealing with the problem, a company representative standing a safe distance from the scene remarked.

Lake Texoma Is Back

From a satellite’s point of view, Lake Texoma resembles a rough-around-the-edges dragon. Last summer the dragon escaped the shoreline that held it captive for 64 years. But raging whitewater didn’t pour over Denison Dam, it was a creeping, relentless flow.

How To Balance

You are irritable. Your blood pressure looks like a pro-bowler’s high score, and everyone is jumping up and down on your last nerve. Life gets tedious, don’t it? Sherman-based therapist, author, and life coach Brent O’Bannon can provide wisdom to keep you from snapping like a pop star taking that third trip to rehab.

The Dummy Works

Three heads, the torsos nowhere nearby, lie lined up on a bed in a small silver traveling trailer in a North Texas parking lot. Noggins from a child, an adult, and a senior citizen stare glassy eyed and grinning at anyone who walks in. This might be unsettling to some folks. For Tim Cowles it is another day at work.