Animal Sanctuaries: No-Kill Shelters

Martha Hovers has been operating Arfhouse in Sadler for twenty years, ever since she transformed her grandfather’s farm into a “no-kill” animal shelter. “No-kill” means just that. No dogs are ever put down at the shelter. At last count, the facility has 314 dogs that patrol the property and greet newcomers to the gate with an array of barks, howls and wagging tails.

Welcome to Texas, Neighbor

Out-of-staters can make fun of our drawl, our quaint sayings—heck, they can even tease us about being the second largest state. But never let a non-Texan say we’re not just darn friendly.

It’s not just my opinion. Ask anyone from another state and they will—when properly cajoled—tell you we’re a bunch of nice folks.

Symphony Solo

In 1966, Cecil Isaac, an Austin College music professor emeritus, brought together 30 or so volunteer musicians and formed the Sherman Civic Orchestra.

Not long after that, he found a few professional players to join the group, and Sherman had itself a full-fledged symphony. Professor Isaac is retired now and lives in Washington, but his musical creation plays on.