Vicki La Plant

When Vicki La Plant saw a collection of pink and beige pearls, she wanted to know how to make them into a necklace, something beautiful and one of a kind. She sought out Georgeann Hurt, a Chickasaw bead worker, and took four lessons in beading. Then, using the pink and beige cultured pearls, and a freeform freshwater keishi pearl for the center, she created her first piece of jewelry.

Color Me Getting Better

Angela Lee, the Project Designer from HKS Inc., the architectural design firm that is creating the plans for the new TMC Medical Facility, believes that color is one of the most useful and powerful design tools she has. “People respond to different colors in different ways,” Lee says, “and these responses usually take place on a subconscious, emotional level.

Angel Iris Farm

They are yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, white— even black. They dance in the wind like fairies, their arms over their heads, the breezes blowing their ruffled gossamer dresses— the most beautiful of all flowers, the iris. When the Dallas Iris Society takes its annual bus tour on April 27, one of their stops will be Angel Iris Farm on Luella Road in Sherman.