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Gene Lenore is an experienced editor and writer. He has been a radio and television news director and writer. He has researched and written several documentaries for television including for the Smithsonian Channel. He lives and works in Sherman, Texas and is Texoma Living! Magazine's senior writer of local heritage stories.

Taking the Bit

Tom Kirby of Howe knows more than a little bit about bits. His company, Red River Bits, makes about five hundred different kinds of bits for the equestrian trade, mostly for working cowboys and people who saddle up just for the pleasure of riding.... Read More

Don Durland

“I grew up with a fascination for collecting toys. When you look around, you find a lot of toy objects. I got to thinking about them as alive, and they were animate and they could talk and tell stories. I began to paint collections of them as... Read More

Kathy Sturch

For most people, a thistle is simply a weed, but Durant artist Kathy Sturch sees a story in the purple bloom of the simple plant. Everything she paints, whether in a floral, a landscape or a portrait, has a story that speaks to her. “There is beauty... Read More

B&B for Birds

This article appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of Texoma Living!. While much of the wildlife of North Texas is slowing the pace of their activities in anticipation of the onset of winter, at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge along Lake Texoma and Big... Read More