The Simple Life

Toddling off to bed was an important part of the simple life, as one usually got up before dawn to start a fire and haul water from the crick for the morning latte. Bed is also important for filling the otherwise endless space between dusk and dawn when nothing much is going on anyway, and you couldn’t see it if it was, what with burning brands not giving off all that much illumination.

Marjoie Hass

Dr. Marjorie Hass: Two Sides of the Paper

“There is a passage in the Talmud that I think about a lot,” said Marjorie Hass. “It says that you should have a piece of paper that on one side says ‘I am but dust and ashes,’ and on the other side it says, ‘The whole world was created for my sake.’ The trick in life is to know when to turn the piece of paper over and look at the other side. Anytime you have a position that has this much responsibility and this much privilege, you have to live like that.”

Ashburn’s Ice Cream

From Ashburn’s Ice Cream’s beginnings in 1907 until well after World War II, almost all ice cream was local and made in small batches to satisfy one day’s worth of customers. Its local flavor meant that local tastes became accustomed to unique offerings, not the uniformed sameness of mass-produced ice cream.


Quilting reaches back before recorded history. Quilts were made in the shadows of the Pyramids. In America, though quilts are often associated with Colonial times, they were actually rather rare. Early American homemakers had their hands full with spinning, weaving, and sewing and had little time for quilting.