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Edward Southerland from 2006-2010 was Texoma Living!'s editor-in-chief. He is currently retired, writing freelance articles and working on a book and a treatment for a television show. He grew up in Bonham, Texas. He spent several years on the road touring the nation before he settled down in Atlanta, GA where he earned his law degree. He returned to Texas and worked as a feature writer for the Herald Democrat newspaper before taking over the editorial department at Texoma Living!.

Smoky G’s BBQ

This article appeared in the May-June 2010 issue of Texoma Living! Magazine. Galen Gibson is a BBQ man. He was a technical type for TXU until he was laid off a few years ago. He turned to cooking when his wife urged him to do what he liked to do. Four... Read More

Interesting People

One of the things that set Texoma Living! apart is the inclusion in each issue of a long-form profile, usually three thousand words or more, on someone who brings something special to our community. From the beginning, the goal was to offer the reader... Read More