Digging U.S. 75

Solitary squares cut out of the pavement one by one have prompted rumors that TXDOT was frittering away stimulus money by repairing twelve foot sections of highway one at a time, or even that the soil under the Grayson County roadbed was unusually unsupportive and was being studied by scientists. A grain of truth sprouts most rumors, but this time the collective wisdom is way off the mark.

Alaskan Adventure

Most people know Justin Maresh as one of the young waitstaff at Angela’s Cafe, or as a promising high school and college baseball player. I know him as “Boss Maresh of Ryan Hills.” The Grayson County College student is going away to camp this summer along with his buds Brent Eubank and Patrick Erwin.


A lifeguard’s work is never done. What does it take to keep your cool at the pool? TLM caught up with two local lifeguards, a rookie and an eight-year veteran, to find the ins and outs of this traditional summer job. Sara Bilyeu, the rookie, is sixteen and a Sherman High School junior. She is a member of the SHS varsity swim team.

Meals on Wheels

Senior hunger is on the rise, with the number of at-risk citizens expected to increase 75 percent by 2025. Texas ranks fourth highest in the nation for number of elderly citizens at risk of hunger, with rural areas being slightly more affected than urban. Meals on Wheels confronts these trends that affect the elderly citizens of Texoma.

Lightning Bugs

Running through the dusk with an empty jar, trying to catch a fleck of living light has long been a part of summer memories for children enchanted by the light show that goes on in the countryside at twilight. Called lightning bugs in the South, fireflies in the North, luciérnagas in Spanish, and mouches à feu in Cajun, the beetles of the lamprydae family are complex creatures worthy of investigation.

Edgar Thompson aka Richard Pressley

What a surprise to see the story on bootlegger and escaped convict Thompson who lived in Grayson County as Richard Pressley. Your heritage stories (good and not so good parts of our past) keep me glued to the pages! Writer Willie Jacobs’ past as a newspaper police reporter of the old school shines through in these articles. I hope you will ask him to keep writing for you.

BBQ and Beyond

Over the past few weeks our family has tried every one of the recommendations from your BBQ Joints, Shacks & Stands article. All have something special to like and two were new to us altogether. How about taking on something different like chicken fried steak, hamburgers (again), and other kind of traditional comfort food? Texoma Living! is a treat that can’t be beat.