The Morgan House

When Patti and Mike Morgan built a home on the lake, they decided to rely on their own experience and creativity rather than on outside help. Mike has been in the construction business for forty-six years and is a real estate developer, so the experience was a given.

John Lamb

King of Canine Coiffure

Anxiety and nervousness sometimes play a role in a dog’s behavior while it’s at the groomers, but Lamb’s persistence and consistency help ease new clients. “No muzzles here. Love, patience, and patience work 98 percent of the time. We like for a groomer to have the same dog each time, which helps them get comfortable and easier to handle. Biting is an occupational hazard, but we don’t keep aggressive dogs here.”

Wyomings Restaurant

Before Howe, Morf, who is a St. Louis native, worked in or owned restaurants in California, Oregon, and Wyoming— the inspiration for his current venture’s name. Skilled in more than cooking, he also did the carpentry work that transformed the building on Haning Street into a restaurant.

Jerry Tate

“I like to make things that people can touch,” said Jerry Tate. “I get in trouble at museums and have to keep my hands in my pockets.” Tate is a sculptor, and not your regular Michelangelo, either. He creates things unusual out of things most common. When finished, his craftsmanship and ingenuity produce conversation as well as art.


I’m not a practicing M.D., nor do I play one on TV, so I can’t properly judge that issue, but I am a practicing M.O.M. (Mother of Many), so I can tell you what they do cause—aggravation, car accidents, and frustration. And that’s just for starters.

Lemon Curd Tart

Thick, tangy, and very rich lemon curd is a standard table companion of any classic tea party. You’ll have to pay close attention while cooking to keep whisking. Your curd will be wonderfully smooth that way. Lemon curd can be served as a spread for scones or toast, and goes well with tea at any time of day. It is also wonderful as a filling in trifles, tarts, sponge and cakes. This recipe for for use in a small pastry shell as a tart.